The Candle (Haunted Series Book 23)

The Candle (Haunted Series Book 23)

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Author: Aaron, Alexie

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 392

Release Date: 10-05-2018

Details: Have you’ve ever woken up from a nightmare into a nightmare? Mia has. An innocent wish on a birthday candle by one of the PEEPs sends Mia twenty years into the past. She’s a thirty-two-year-old trapped in a twelve-year-old’s body. And to top it off, the only one who remembers the real time line is Murphy, and she and he haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately.

Trapped in this alternate timeline with only the knowledge of her powers, but not being able to use them, she seeks out the only being who may possibly know who she is, Altair. But twenty years in the past, he’s a demon. Will he believe her?
Fear not, there is a solution. Mia must have the wisher break the candle the wish came from before the next full moon and all will revert back to this time. But who made the wish? It must be a PEEP, but it’s twenty years in the past. Where are they?

Join Mia and Murphy as they navigate an alternate timeline to find the wisher and get the wisher to break the candle before she’s stuck there. Piece of cake? Birthday cake? Remember as you stare into the flame of the candle, be careful what you wish for.

“The Candle,” is book #23 of “The Haunted Series.”

Languages: English