That Certain Age [Blu-ray]

That Certain Age [Blu-ray]

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Author: Deanna Durbin

Edition: Blu-ray

Binding: Blu-ray

Format: Blu-ray

Release Date: 29-06-2021

Details: Deanna Durbin stars in That Certain Age as a young woman who experiences the turbulence of a first crush with a man three times her age! Newspaper publisher Bill Fullerton (John Halliday) offers his guest house to visiting reporter Vincent Bullitt (Melvyn Douglas) who is under a tight deadline to finish an important article and needs a quiet place to write. His arrival creates resentment from Fullerton’s daughter Alice (Durbin) and her boyfriend Ken (Jackie Cooper) since they were using the guest house as a rehearsal space for a show and fund raiser for the Boy Scouts. At first Alice tries to drive Vincent away through trickery but then develops a huge crush on him which causes concern for everyone. Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett were co-writers on the screenplay and the movie garnered two Academy Award nominations, including one for the song, "My Own."

EAN: 0810072542991

Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 5.3 x 0.6 inches