Medical Conditions in the Athlete

Medical Conditions in the Athlete

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Author: Walsh Flanagan, Katie

Brand: Human Kinetics, Inc.

Edition: Third

Binding: Product Bundle

Number Of Pages: 544

Release Date: 02-05-2017

Details: Product Description Medical Conditions in the Athlete, Third Edition With Web Study Guide, equips health care providers with the information they need to develop a framework for decision making when working with injured and recovering athletes and active populations. The updated and streamlined third edition provides comprehensive medical information that assists health care providers and athletic trainers in recognizing and identifying underlying and potentially serious medical conditions that may affect their chosen course of treatment. The highly esteemed authors, Katie Walsh Flanagan and Micki Cuppett, have combined their professional skills and educational expertise to revitalize the content of Medical Conditions in the Athlete, Third Edition, with current, research-driven assessment and treatment information for medical conditions that affect the physically active population. The updated content aligns with Board of Certification (BOC) and Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) standards. The book addresses medical conditions by body system, their mechanism of acquisition, signs, symptoms, differential diagnoses, referral, treatment, and return-to-participation criteria. The 18 comprehensive chapters are organized into three sections: Introduction to Medical Conditions, Pharmacology and Interventions, and Medical Conditions by System. Throughout the text, more than 380 updated, full-color illustrations and photographs visually enhance readers’ comprehension of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. Pharmacological tables organize drugs by categories that include generic and trade names, therapeutic uses, adult dosage information, and possible adverse effects. Important terminology is highlighted throughout the chapters, and a glossary appears at the end of the text. At the beginning of the text, a Condition Finder serves as a quick reference so health care providers can easily flip to the information they need on specific conditions. Throughout the book, learning aids draw attention to important facts and figures, presented in three practical categories: • Red Flags are warning signs that health care providers should look for when working with clients. • Clinical Tips discuss information that is critically important to professionals. • Condition Highlights cover specific medical conditions common to athletes that require special attention or medical care. New to this edition is an accompanying web study guide that houses case studies corresponding to specific chapters. Each case study is followed by questions to help students apply the strategies covered in the text. Instructors who adopt the text will have access to a comprehensive collection of ancillary materials: chapter quizzes, a presentation package of slides, and an image bank that can be used to enhance presentation slides or student handouts. Medical Conditions in the Athlete, Third Edition With Web Study Guide, provides readers with research-driven assessment and treatment information for medical conditions that affect all types of athletes. It is a comprehensive textbook and an important reference for health care providers such as athletic trainers and physical therapists who work with active populations. About the Author Katie Walsh Flanagan, EdD, ATC, is a professor and director of the sports medicine and athletic training program in the department of health education and promotion at East Carolina University, where she has worked for more than 20 years. A Board of Certification (BOC) certified athletic trainer, Walsh Flanagan previously worked as a lecturer and assistant athletic trainer at California State University, Fresno, and as the head athletic trainer for the Chicago Power, a men’s professional soccer team. She has also assisted as an athletic trainer for various sports in international competitions, including the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and 1987 Pan American Games. In 2012, Walsh Flanagan

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