Kenny G - Greatest Hits

Kenny G - Greatest Hits

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Author: G, Kenny

Brand: Arista


  • Kenny G- Greatest Hits

Binding: Audio CD

Release Date: 18-11-1997

model number: 07822 18991 2

Part Number: 07822 18991 2

Details: Kenny G is often quoted as defending his crowd-pleasing sound as instrumental pop, not jazz (despite having taken his turn at the music of Ellington, Monk, and other masters on 1999's Classics in the Key of G). Whatever--you certainly know by now whether or not you like this stuff. The multiplatinum smooth-sax man, though, has charted a steady course of blandness broken only by the occasional obnoxious foray into something he seems to think is funk. This CD of popular favorites brings every emotion down to the level of the Weather Channel-ready "Songbird," which made G a radio staple in 1987: whether accompanying Sinatra via technology or defacing the memory of Sam Cooke with the egregious Michael Bolton, it's all white noise. --Rickey Wright Product description Kenny G ~ Greatest Hits

EAN: 0093624690825

Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 4.9 x 0.3 inches

Languages: English